Start a Successful HR Career with HR-Starter 2021

Join an Exceptional HR-Event

*Especially for young executives and university graduates the planning and implementing of their future careers is vital to their personal and professional growth. An interesting and highly engaging conference caters to these interests:

From 16th March until 27th April, HR World organizes the free HR course for students the 4th year in a row – HR STARTER, which will gather around 200 students from 9 countries and over 70 lecturers and mentors. HR STARTER 2021 will be organized as an online event in English as well as local languages.

HR Starter is a free intensive HR course for recent university graduates and students of final years of bachelor and master studies who want to start their career in HR. The aim of the program is to raise students’ level of knowledge and skills for a future HR career in contemporary work conditions.

Learn from Renowned HR Professionals

The program consists of 6 training days where students from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria have a chance to learn about various contemporary HR topics from 36 renowned HR professionals. Along with lectures, in small groups, students will be mentored and further advised on first steps towards a successful career in HR. All the knowledge acquired, they will be able to present at meet-ups to other students and guest lecturers.

From HR Strategy to Development

Each training day consists of 6 lectures on one of the following topics:

  • HR as a strategic function
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Employee Development including a lecture by Career Coach Judith Girschik on Business Coaching and Personality Assessment
  • People Analytics & HR Tech
  • HR & Transformation
  • Future of HR

In cooperation with local partners, HR STARTER is organized by HR World, a community of HR professionals in the Adriatic region, which represents an innovative concept for strengthening the HR function through sharing knowledge and networking. The aim of the organization is transforming the HR function into a contemporary, more innovative and humane business function with strategic influence.

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