What to expect from your Leadership-Coach?

March 4, 2019


*** We fundamentally believe that management and leadership can be taught. As a Leadership Coach, I will be happy to help you and your team enhance your capacity to consistently perform at the highest level.

The Coaching Method

The coaching method I typically use has a sound scientific backing and is known to be very effective. This coaching tool is called Appreciative Inquiry. It is designed to draw on your strengths in order to help you fully develop your management and leadership potential.

The Leadership Coaching Process

What we will usually do at the start of a Leadership Coaching assignment is the following:

Together we will

1)      determine your areas of focus for development (and see that these are in line with your company´s or your organization´s requests)

2)      clarify your role in the company/  organization and finally

3)      identify any stakeholders relevant to your development.

Based on these findings we will go on to define your specific professional as well as personal goals and create a timeline for your personal coaching process.

Your Coaching Sessions

In our coaching sessions, we will consistently work on the skills you need to enhance your management and leadership capacity.

In other words, we will work to close any skill gaps and do everything to

–              improve your leadership skills and performance and

–              increase your impact, influence, and visibility in your company or organization.

Depending on what your specific goals are, I may also help you successfully transition to a new company role, communicate more effectively or achieve results more quickly.

Leadership Coaching for Immediate Impact and Sustainable Change

As your Leadership Coach, I will make sure that all the coaching sessions we will have will be designed to give you

1)      the best possible preparation for any of your business endeavors (be it enhanced communication, a complex business negotiation, better conflict resolution or simply a better board presentation)

2)      By this kind of thorough and repeated preparation, your Leadership-Coaching will help you achieve

  • immediate impact as well as
  • sustainable change in the long run.

Please contact us, if you would like to learn more.

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