The Power of Successful Leadership

A Formula for Successful Leadership

As a manager, you face strategic decisions, market requirements and customer requirements on a daily basis. Against this background, the professional management of employees can become a challenge.
Do you want to discover the basic formula of the power of successful leadership?
Increase your impact on employees significantly and use your potential more effectively?

Inspirational and effective
This workshop helps you to decisively expand your competence as a successful manager – inspiring, coherent and effective!


In this workshop you will find answers to the following questions:

How can I sustainably optimize the strengths and potential of my employees through individual communication and leadership styles?
How can I quickly and reliably recognize how the other personality, my counterpart ticks and is, therefore, to be managed effectively?
Which forms of motivation work for which employee or colleague?
How can I construct critical conversations constructively? And how can I effectively convey bad news?
How can I best fill diverse leadership challenges while developing resources?

Your Expert and Trainer

Mag. Gerhard Amberger is an internationally experienced business and management trainer. He brings extensive experience from numerous management functions and international projects. His expertise in the areas of resource-oriented leadership and communication is in demand internationally. Here you can find more information about Gerhard Amberger.

Contact and Booking

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