Master Person Analysis – MPA

Master Person Analysis (MPA) is a psychometric diagnostic and analytical tool based on a recognized scientific model. The MPA is suitable for potential analyzes in the context of coaching and for the assessment and evaluation of personality profiles in the course of personnel selection processes. In both applications, the MPA test has proven itself very well in practice. Using the instrument Master Person Analysis (MPA), the work and social behavior as well as the motivational positions of persons can be structured. In addition, a graphic visualization takes place. The personality profile created on the basis of an online test objectively describes occupationally relevant behavioral patterns of a candidate. These include, for example, the work, social, team, leadership and sales behavior of a person.

Features of MPA

Dimensions of the MPA

Which personality dimensions does the MPA describe?

The profile created using MPA analysis initially presents nine different personality dimensions. These include:
The work style (This is about abstraction orientation, risk behavior / security and detail orientation / accuracy).

Other dimensions are
the social behavior of a person (emotional control, need for contact and confidence) and the so-called internal driving forces of a person (personal energy and dealing with it, self-assertion and success orientation).

Additional properties
Based on these results, 28 further properties can be determined. These include dominance, autonomy, factual orientation, efficiency, empathy, extraversion, willingness to cooperate, creativity, perseverance, sense of duty, flexibility and resilience.
Team Roles

In addition, an assignment of the collected personality traits to eight different team roles is possible. The team roles determined include the following possible positions (team roles):

  • Translator (executes self-defined and committed corporate or project goals and implements plans in line with the policy.)
  • Coordinator (keeps an overarching goal in mind, coordinating the achievements and contributions of the team members)
  • Doer (works determined, results-oriented and dominant in the achievement of goals)
  • Developer (works idea-oriented, independent and unconventional ways of implementing goals)
  • Investigator (Inspired by the ideas of other team members, integrating their opinions into the decision-making process and favoring a cooperative leadership style)
  • Observer (prefers an objective, sometimes critical approach, he works diligently and thoroughly)
  • Supporter (actively and sensitively supports the work processes in the team, he does not seem to dominate)
  • Finisher (is a guarantor for completing projects that have been started, he acts in a quality-oriented and conscientious manner)
Requirement Profile

An additionally created requirement profile (‘Criteria’) enables the definition of specific behavioral requirements for a position to be filled. On the basis of a questionnaire we determine the desired ideal profile for the job you are looking for. Again, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Energy, self-assertion and success orientation
  • emotional control, need for contact, trust
  • Abstraction orientation, security and detail orientation

Based on this, we can finally draw a comparison between the actual personality profile and the requirement profile (target profile). The result provides valuable information on the suitability of one or more persons for the position to be filled. With this approach, we create more clarity and objectivity for you in personnel matters. In addition, the MPA analysis results serve as a valuable basis for an in-depth coaching session.

  • Test access: As a participant, you will receive access to the MPA questionnaire via an online interface.
  • Carrying out the test: Then complete the questionnaire. It is a scientifically tested, ipsative test. The time required for this is about 20-40 minutes.
  • Evaluation of test results:  Based on your answers, we evaluate the test results.
  • Feedback discussion: As soon as the results are known, a one-hour evaluation meeting will take place. In it, we present you the analysis results and discuss them with you. In the course of the feedback discussion, you will also receive extensive written documentation of your test results.
Master Person Analysis enables the objective description of behavioral characteristics in everyday working life. On this basis, a comparison of actual personality profiles with tailored target profiles becomes possible. Especially on the subject of leadership and sales behavior of a person this instrument allows objective considerations and corresponding visaulisations. Clear, meaningful reports guarantee a high degree of transparency as well as the fulfillment of scientific demands.
Practical Application
The most common areas of application are personnel selection, potential analysis and personal orientation as a basis for executive coaching or management and leadership development programs. The resulting personality profile provides insight into personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenges in the area of team development.

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