On March 21, we discuss with Prof. Dr. Herbert Pietschmann on approaches to overcome mechanistic thinking in economics and management. Prof. Pietschmann is a physicist, mathematician and philosopher. He conducts research in the fields of quantum mechanics and physics of subatomic particles. Prof. Pietschmann is a corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Vienna International Academy of Holistic Medicine, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation. Other work and interest focuses are holistic medicine, management training, and classical music.
The lecture “Rethinking Leadership Concepts” is part of the event series “EULEAD-Salon” of the Eurepean Club of Excellence in Leadership and Management. At the center of this format is the exchange between established executives and outstanding personalities from Austrian and international business and politics. Thematic priorities are the development of competencies in the areas of management and leadership (or leadership). We offer our guests exciting discussions and exchange on current issues in the areas of management and business.
Time: 21.3. 2019, 18-20: 00
Venue: Stephansplatz 4 (Club 4), 1010 Vienna.
Please register at office@eulead.at or office@leadership-institute.at
If you have any questions, please contact EULEAD Management Board Member Management Coach Judith Girschik gladly available.