Leadership and Management Coaching for Women

Women in management positions (i. e. managers, directors, and supervisory board members) face special challenges. The leadership behavior of women differs from that of men in a number of dimensions. These differences are based on social, psychological, cultural, and not least neurobiological aspects. Also, the personal attitude of women on the subject of leadership often differs from that of men. Women behave differently when they communicate, negotiate, prioritize and work on their goals. As a result, the behavior of women is also perceived differently. Add to this the fact that female career paths are often shaped by challenges that have no tradition in career development. After all, women (more than men) not only struggle with prejudices against them but also with their own insecurities and sometimes self-doubts.

Judith Girschik, Leadership Coach, WienBeing aware of the underlying psychological processes and being able to apply them in practice is therefore essential for female executives (managers, board members, supervisory board members, entrepreneurs).
Specific coaching sessions for women or female executives help to sharpen the view for these aspects and to adapt the respective behavior in a success-oriented way.

Leadership coaching for female executives addresses reflects and analyzes topics from everyday leadership and career development.


Goals and Priorities

Tailored to their day-to-day leadership, women executives develop skills and strategies focused on advancing their leadership skills. These include the targeted development of competencies in the following areas:

  • Corporate and employee leadership
  • Employee motivation
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Team management
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Develop strategies and action points to effectively integrate your professional and personal goals

Coaching for Women: The Target Group

Coaching is particularly suitable for female executives (eg managing director, divisional manager, manager, supervisory board member) who want to further develop their skills in employee management, team and conflict management and to optimize their professional and personal performance. Also addressed are female executives who consider career change and want to prepare for another career move or challenge as part of career coaching.

How does Coaching for Women work?

Your coaching process takes the form of coaching sessions (individual training) in 1010 Vienna. Your coach will consistently work with you on the skills and abilities needed to improve not only your professional performance but also your visibility, reputation and influence in your business. Typically, a session consists of 2 coaching sessions lasting 55 min. Experience has shown that a coaching process extends over 6 – 9 months.

What is important in executive coaching for women?

Essentially, the success of coaching for female executives is almost always 2 aspects:

Your determination and motivation to work on your leadership is particularly important.
Add to that the professionalism and the qualification of your coach. Crucial in this context are, for example, a suitable academic training of your coach and his experience in positions that are relevant to your job (including, for example, proven experience as a manager, department manager, team leader). Only this basis allows your coach to meet you at eye level.
Confidentiality: Working with your coach must be characterized by trust and secrecy. This means that whatever you entrust to your coach during your coaching sessions is subject to confidentiality and may not be disclosed to third parties at any time.

Benefits of specific coaching for women

Coaching helps female managers and business leadersJudith Girschik, Leadership Coach, Wien

  • Strategically reflect their own careers
  • To better deal with political processes in the organization
  • To strengthen one’s own reputation and visibility within the company
  • To develop additional leadership skills
  • To overcome limiting self-doubt

Finally, working with a coach helps women to not only position themselves in their own company but also prepare for their future career paths.

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