Are you currently preparing for a job application or job interview?

Are you looking for support in compiling meaningful application documents?  Have you recently received a rejection and want to be better prepared in the future? Do you want to present your expertise and experience in the best possible way both in a personal interview and via Zoom or MS Teams? Or do you simply want to make your current application process more efficient, reduce stress and thus accelerate your career development?

In a job application coaching specifically adapted to your situation, we help you with all these tasks and train you to deal with all the challenges associated with a job application, a job interview, a hearing or an assessment centre.

If you are still wondering which career path is right for you, we are also happy to support you with classic career counselling, in which we also take a look at your strengths and weaknesses in the course of a career assessment and reflect on these based on a well-founded potential analysis. In career counselling, we also cover classic questions related to career decisions.

What happens in an application coaching session?

In our job application coaching, we cover the following topics:

  • Check your application documents: We will be happy to give you feedback and advice on the design of your CV (resume), as well as on existing applications. If desired, we can also revise and optimize the documents together.
  • Interview preparation: Together with you we prepare for upcoming job interviews, presentations, hearings and assessment centres. These now increasingly take place by telephone or online, e.g. via Zoom, Webex or MS Teams. That’s why we’re also happy to explain what you need to keep in mind when using these digital formats.
  • Concrete strategies: Through hands-on practice, we prepare you for questions you may be asked in the interview. These may include questions about your career history, professional achievements, challenges, and conflict management skills.
  • Assessment Center Preparation: We give you an overview of specific tasks that you will be asked in an assessment centre.
  • Soft skills: Especially when applying for management positions, it is important that you convince your counterpart not only professionally, but also personally. We also advise you on correct appearance, appropriate clothing and convincing body language.

How do I benefit from job application coaching?

  1. Reflecting on your previous behaviour in job application situations leads to more clarity about your individual profile and your professional objectives.
  2. You will optimize your application strategy, which will enable you to start your professional future successfully.
  3. You lay the foundation for a successful career development

How long does application coaching take?

Depending on the duration and complexity of the application process, most candidates take advantage of application coaching in the range of 2 to 4 hours of individual coaching.

Where does the coaching take place?

The Coaching – Sessions usually take place in our office in downtown Vienna. On request, we can also conduct appointments online, e.g. via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams.



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