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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Successful leadership coaching (executive coaching) enables performance enhancement, growth, and positive change. Our leadership coaching offer in Vienna is aimed at executives and managers who want to develop their competencies in leadership, team and conflict management, change their behavior in a success-oriented way, optimize their professional and personal performance.

Goals and Benefits of Leadership Coaching

A professional coaching program tailored to your needs offers you many benefits:

  • Room for the reflection of your everyday leadership
  • Further development of your leadership skills
  • Targeted development of competencies in corporate and employee leadership, employee motivation, team management, conflict management and negotiation technology
  • Development of strategies and action points for the efficient achievement of your professional goals

The Course of Executive & Leadership Coaching

At the beginning of a coaching session, we jointly determine your development priorities, clarify your role in your organization or in your company and identify stakeholders who play a role in your professional development. Based on this, we work together to set goals that best meet your professional and personal concerns and draw up a schedule for the further course of coaching.

Leadership Coaching Success Factors

An essential part of the success of executive coaching is the professionalism and qualification of your coach. This includes, among other things, suitable academic training and extensive experience in the professional environment relevant for the coachee.

Essential for professionalism in leadership coaching are the following aspects: Working with a professional coach is fundamentally characterized by trust and confidentiality.
The focus of your coaching sessions is on the success-oriented change in your leadership behavior. The goal of leadership coaching is to change your professional behavior in ways that will enable you to achieve your career goals more effectively.
Finally, the results of coaching can be measured according to your specifications (or the specifications of the commissioning company) after completing your coaching project.

Your Coaching Sessions

In each coaching session, we consistently work on the skills and abilities you need to improve and enhance your professional performance, impact, and visibility in your organization/business.

Coaching Duration

A coaching session is typically 2 units of 55 minutes each. Usually, coaching extends over 10 sessions, which are completed within approximately 6 months.

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If you have any questions regarding leadership coaching in Vienna, please contact leadership coach Dr. Judith Girschik at +43 664 954 53 09.

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