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Managers and Leaders improve their qualifications by completing a master’s or doctoral program. One major hurdle that needs to be overcome before completing such an academic program is a Bachelor’s theses, Master theses, theses, or dissertation. This is a complex and tedious process. Students who work full time are especially pressured to finish their studies quickly and hassle-free . With academic coaching, we help you save precious time.

We help students of SFU, DUK, FH Wien, Uni Wien, WU Wien, Technikum Wien, Lauder Business School plan and implement their bachelors and masters thesis.

Academic Coaching helps you increase your productivity and the quality of your scientific paper. This gives you security and allows you to concentrate on the essentials.

We are happy to support and accompany you in the planning, conception, and implementation of your scientific paper. We help you write scientific articles, your master’s thesis, bachelor thesis or dissertation.

Academic coaching is worthwhile if you

  • have little time due to work obligations or
  • if you have not yet completed a degree or
  • write a scientific paper for the first time.

We supervise scientific papers at SFU, FH – Vienna, FH Technikum Vienna, University of Vienna, WU Wien, DUK, emca, Lauder Business School. We are also happy to assist in all matters relating to pre-scientific work.

Languages: German or English

Tips for Master Thesis and Dissertation

We help you with the following tasks:

  1. Concept, planning and organization
  2. topic selection
  3. research question
  4. Exposé
  5. literature research
  6. Time schedule
  7. The common thread of your work
  8. Quote correctly
  9. Proofreading
  10. Final presentation
  11. Preparation of the defensio

Master Thesis Guide and Instructions

We provide you with a free download of initial instructions for writing your scientific paper here.

Academic coaching at the Leadership Institute

Here Are Some of The Typical Questions Our Students Ask

regarding their master theses or dissertations. We are here to answer them with you.

Finding a topic & developing a concept

„Which topic is the right one for my master’s thesis or dissertation?

We help you formulate your ideas clearly and precisely. This includes working out the relevance of the topic of your work, clarifying the goal of your academic work and defining the target audience.

research question

“What should my research question or hypothesis be?”

The research question is the future linchpin of your work. If you don’t have a research question yet, we’ll help you find and formulate one.

Literature research & research methods

“Where can I find the appropriate scientific literature and how do I go about researching relevant publications?”

The ability to research and write academically is essential for the success of your academic text. We support you in properly researching extensive source material and in the logically progressive structure of your arguments.

If your university department has its own script or instructions, please send us these documents in advance.

“Which citation rules do I have to observe and how do I adhere to the formal rules of academic work?”

We will help you cite your sources correctly, adapted to the exact requirements of your university or college. If your institute has its own script or instructions, please send us these documents in advance. If your institute has its own script or instructions, please send us these documents in advance.

Outline & structure

„How do I structure my master’s thesis or dissertation“ and„What will my table of contents and the structure of my work look like?” or. “How do I get to the common thread in my master’s thesis”? and “How should I write the introduction?”

Scientific writing

“How do I formulate what I want to express scientifically?”

Final check

“I want to turn in my work. What do I have to pay attention to beforehand? “
The revision of the final version of your master’s thesis in order to meet the requirements of academic work and the requirements of your university or college. This includes, among other things, the identification of stylistic problems, the correct formatting of your academic work and that scientific proofreading of your master thesis With the competent scientific revision of your text by a professional, you can submit your work with a clear conscience.

Seasoned academics revise your work with a view to

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, semantics and punctuation
  • scientific expression, structure, structure, comprehensibility and correctness of the content.

Preparation of Defensio & Presentation

“How do I create the final presentation for my work?”

When defending your scientific work, you should be well prepared. We will be happy to help you prepare and practice your final presentation.

References: What our students say about academic coaching …

Concrete help

Prof. Dr. Judith Girschik explicitly knows what demands the university places on students. Thanks to their specialist knowledge, mistakes can be avoided while writing the master’s thesis. Then nothing stands in the way of a perfect result. I will do my next master thesis again with Prof. Dr. Girschik as a coach because I am enthusiastic about the quality of her work and her professional demeanor. “

Cornelia Seifried

Clarity and structure

Thank you for your support in finding my hypotheses. Our conversation not only gave me the clarity to be able to write my thesis in a structured way, but also a lot of self-confidence, which gave me perseverance, especially in the initial phase. “

Ing. Mag. Christian Riegler

Found my focus

“The collection of a large number of documents had meant that I had lost the direction of my dissertation somewhat from the field of view. This led to the loss of my motivation. The academic coaching has helped me gain new insights and refocus the direction of the work. The motivation has returned. The inspection of the work by a professional led to simplified and concise words. The topic, title, and precise formulation of my research question became possible. It was a great sense of achievement for me. “

Dipl. Ing. Nora Köck
MSc, PhD.c

Valuable tips and help

“Last Friday I successfully defended my master’s thesis and thus completed my studies. I would like to thank you personally for the support. You really gave me a lot of valuable tips and help in finding topics, structure and optimizing the completion of the work. I found your input very professional and helpful. “

Ingrid Böhm, MSc

Super support

The support from Dr. Girschik was extremely helpful. The topic and research question were found faster than expected. After we had invested a lot of time in the synopsis and the introduction of the work, the rest was much easier for me.

Christine M., MSc

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