Commercial Mediation

Business mediation is a method of conflict resolution that extends to all economic areas and thus to economic conflicts.
The mediator facilitates mediation between companies and conflict partners inside and outside the company or organization.

Application Areas of Business Mediation

The fields of application of business mediation are diverse and often concern business succession and business transfers (eg in family businesses) and conflicts in the course of restructuring, business combinations, start-ups (eg in the establishment of startups) and personnel changes (eg in the apprentice mediation).

The Business Mediator

A business mediator will provide you with an orderly process to resolve a wide array of business issues and to facilitate communication between all parties involved. He accompanies the mediation process until implementation of the solutions found in this process.

The business mediator acts as a translator of the positions represented by each stakeholder. He offers support regarding suitable future communication and conflict resolution models. The mediator also helps the conflict parties to find new, satisfying solutions for all concerned. Finally, the business mediator assists the conflict parties in planning and implementing the solution defined as a result of the mediation process.

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