A Career Counselor will help you realize your individual career goals. A Career Coach (or Business Coach) is trained to assist you in all aspects of your career development process. A scientifically based personality profile forms the basis for valuable impulses that will help you to take the next step in your professional development.  We help you identify and determine your future professional role, be it in a specialist or managerial career. We also help you increase your visibility and effectiveness in those areas where it makes the most sense for you. In a career counseling (career coaching) process, we address the following topics:

Occupational positioning through career counseling

In a first step, you will be able to determine your professional situation. This phase includes self-assessment and a strengths-weaknesses analysis through scientifically-based personality tests. Based on the results, an individual personality profile will be created, followed by a discussion of the results in an exploratory talk.
The reflection of your specific personality traits (strengths as well as weaknesses) forms the basis for the formulation of a career vision and individual career goals.

  • Strategy development: This phase will be about Determining an individual strategy for your job search.
  • Job search assistance: formulation of CV and cover letter.
  • Design your social media profiles
  • Interview Preparation: Preparation for a hearing or job interview

Assistance in assessing job offers and targeted preparation and support in salary negotiations

Goals of Career Coaching and Career Counseling

The following goals can be pursued with career counseling:

  • The preparation for a promotion within an organization
  • The reflection and preparation of an employer change or a new form of work
  • Creating the right framework for change within the current position

Benefits of Career Coaching

Similar to executive coaching, career coaching is tailored to your individual needs. Your career coach will help you assess what is needed to make your next career move. It helps you to overcome specific obstacles and to develop and realize your personal career goal.

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