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Your Business Coach supports you in doing your professional work more efficiently. In other words: Business coaching helps you to clarify your personal and professional goals. The target group for business coaching is managers, managers, department heads, and entrepreneurs. Business coaching brings diverse personal and professional benefits. For example, numerous clients report that the coaching process has had a positive impact on their careers and lives. While coaching is carried out in person in most cases, individual appointments can also be carried out online or remotely via video conference.

Positive Effects of Business Coaching

Business coaching almost always leads to favorable results in the following areas: It

  • leads managers to more self-efficacy and the willingness to take on more responsibility
  • increases employee and employee engagement
  • improves individual performance
  • helps identify and develop employees with high potential
  • identifies organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
  • motivated and empowered to perform excellently

At the corporate level, the commitment of a business coach shows success in the development of human resources.

During your business coaching sessions, you create actionable plans and the pace at which you want to achieve your goals. Your individual Personality Profile serves as an important basis for future coaching sessions. Based on your individual strengths, your business coach will help you plan and prioritize the procedures and strategies required to achieve your goals. Your business coach is available at regular intervals to discuss your progress with him.

Coaching is particularly successful in the following areas:

  • Plan and set and achieve goals
  • Increase in job and life satisfaction
  • Active contribution to the effectiveness of team and organization
  • Taking on more responsibility
  • Easier and more productive collaboration (with bosses, colleagues and employees)
  • More effective communication
  • Higher conflict resolution skills

Coaching in Organizational and Leadership Development is a valuable tool for HR managers: 80% of people who use coaching report higher self-confidence; Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, better relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of the companies surveyed stated that they were able to more than amortize the investment in Coaching.

Coaching offers valuable space for personal development. When it comes to very personal issues (such as self-confidence and communication), conventional training can often do little good. In the short term, the participants learn new communication strategies that can increase self-esteem. Short-term interventions rarely lead to sustainable improvement. So not only should superficial changes in behavior be tracked, but more far-reaching changes in individual thought processes should be supported. Business coaching is usually the most effective way to achieve this goal. It typically leads to more resilience and assertiveness.

Achieve professional goals with business coaching

Based on years of experience, a qualified business coach will help you, help the owners find their goals, and create a roadmap to achieve them. A new view of the company can help owners understand which elements are just tasks and which are long-term goals.

Your business coach is there to help you focus on the desired end result. It reminds you of important tasks and motivates you when it is necessary to continue pursuing your goals. Your coach also acts as a sparring partner and sounding board. If necessary, he also holds a mirror in front of you to illuminate any blind spots.

My monthly business coaching sessions help me to survive in everyday management. By effectively processing daily leadership requirements, I can concentrate again on setting goals and achieving them. (Heinrich S., MD)

Business Coaching: Personal ans Professional Success

Together with you, coaches reflect on your goals. Together with you, they create a roadmap and an action plan. This will make your progress in achieving your goals transparent. After all, your coach is there for you to help you track your progress.

Many managers and entrepreneurs owe essential parts of their success to successful business coaching. It serves as a sounding board for your ideas and challenges. Unsere Business Coaching-Sitzungen unterstützen Sie, Ihre persönlichen, beruflichen und unternehmerischen Ziele bestmöglich umzusetzen.

Special features of online business coaching


In online coaching, the coach and coachee (client) do not meet personally in the mediator’s office. Instead, the talks take place via video conference. Because of the visual element, you can not only hear your coach (like something during a telephone call), but also see it. This form of coaching comes very close to personal contact with the coach.


Although the coach and coachee can see each other in principle, technical limitations could restrict or distract the video quality. So try in advance to eliminate possible sources of interference.
During online business coaching, it is also advisable to make eye contact. This makes cooperation easier.

Internet connection

A stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is crucial for the success of a virtual coaching session. If possible, do not connect to the Internet via WLAN, but via cable (Ethernet).


If possible, use headphones or a suitable headset to avoid feedback and reverberation. However, a high-quality table microphone also provides valuable services, especially for longer meetings.

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