Leadership-Coaching helps Managers and High Potentials to focus on results, become more confident, and optimize communication.

Dr. Judith Girschik

Leadership Coach, Leadership Institute

Coaching | Training | Mediation

We support Managers, Executives, Board Members with professional LeadershipCoaching in Vienna, Austria. – With long Standing leadership experience and Sound empirical data we offer our clients business as well as executive coaching Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Personality Assessment Personlity ProfileandMediation. Contact us for a customized offer.

Coaching for All Levels

Top Management

Experienced Executives and board members profit from a room for reflection, strategic development, and the sharpening of their leadership skills. Realizing the Potentials of difficult tasks becomes easier.

Middle Management

We help managers focus on their Business Goals lead Teams, build relationships and define their personal development plan. As a result, they reach their professional goals more easily and effectively.

High Potentials

Young executives and Leaders develop leadership skills. Coaching helps them build strengths and apply new skills to their jobs. The result: increased efficiency and productivity for your organization.

Leadership Coaching | Business Coaching | Mediation

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching is a proven and effective tool for personnel development. Together with your Leadership Coach in Vienna, you develop concrete, practical solutions for your professional endeavors. Your Business Coach helps you reflect your day to day leadership, in person or online.

Mediation Business Mediation

Experienced mediators and conflict managers moderate sensitive meetings in your organization. We support you with Mediation, Conflict Management, and Apprentice Mediation. This creates sustainable solutions for everyone involved.

Personality Development

In personnel and potential development, an executive coach supports the development of professional careers, leadership potential, and the expansion of existing leadership skills.

Personality Test Personality Profile

Scientifically based personality tests (e.g. MPA Master Person Analysis) form the basis for individual personality profiles, coaching, personnel selection, and personnel development measures.

Business and leadership coaching are an integral part of personnel development.

Tailored advice and professional accompaniment pave the way for top performance. That is why successful HR developers offer their managers and high potentials individual coaching services. Where the Leadership Institute supports decision-makers:

    • Expansion of leadership skills
    • Change Projects
    • Development of new behavior options
    • Potential development
    • Reflecting on leadership behavior and cooperation with superiors, colleagues, and employees
    • Coping with challenging management situations
    • Developing self-confidence and strong leadership
    Topics in coaching

    What effects does coaching bring?


    In coaching sessions, managers reflect on problems, challenges, and opportunities in working with colleagues and employees. The coach often serves as a sparring partner with which managers develop strategies for positive change. This improves communication, working atmosphere, and motivation.


    The focus of our work is to advance professional and personal development. Coaches help managers set priorities define and achieve goals. This is how coaching increases productivity and company results.

    Return on Investment

    Individuality and practical relevance result in measurably positive effects.

    HR department and personnel development benefit: Coaching – investments are almost always associated with a high return on investment (ROI).

    Coaching News


    EULEAD Leading Experts: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Krepler

    The board of the European Club for Excellence in Leadership and Management (EULEAD) is pleased to present its new series of events EULEAD – Leading Experts. The theme of this evening – “Emerging stronger from crises – strategies in lock-down and afterward”

    Promote resilience in a crisis

    Paths to more resilience during a crisis

    Promoting resilience in a crisis. The current crisis is a major challenge to many. People complain of difficult working conditions and economic losses. Some of us experience the current situation as particularly stressful. Maybe…

    Development of potential and burnout prevention in sales

    Das Kennen der eigenen Stärken und Schwächen ist grundlegend für die eigene Erfolgsgeschichte. Auch für Spitzenleistungen im Vertrieb. Auf Basis der Big Five Persönlichkeitsfaktoren lernen Sie, den eigenen Arbeitsstil zu optimieren.

    Years of Experience

    Happy Clients

    Hours of Training Coaching

    References Recommendations: Positive Effects of Coaching

    Analytical and structured

    “Prof. Girschik impresses with her personality. She offers an analytical, structured approach to all leadership issues.

    Christian S.
    Board of Directors, Engineering

    Valuable support in transitioning to a new position

    In my position as a new managing director, I had to fight a lot of resistance initially, partly because of my youth. In my coaching sessions, I received a lot of feedback on leadership issues. That gave me the confidence to successfully pass this crucial phase in my career. “

    Julia S., MsC
    Managing Director
    Tourism Hospitality

    Intelligence and Wit

    “Dr. Girschik is a coaching work of art! This coach carries out assignments with incredible knowledge, a lot of intelligence and experience, paired with wit and charm. “

    Mag. Stephan Pickart
    CEO, Pickart Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

    Strategic and objective access

    “I appreciate the objective, strategic and scientific access to the challenges of a manager. The inputs I received were extremely constructive. The coaching with Dr. Girschik has led to all the desired changes, I can only recommend it. “

    Reinhard K.

    Pleasant yet professional atmosphere

    “Dr. Girschik creates a trusting atmosphere and is very empathetic. She listens well, deals with the issues raised and is precise in her analysis. “

    Head of Department

    Scientifically at the cutting edge

    “Thanks to our cooperation with the Leadership Institute, we are always at the cutting edge of research and scientific issues.”

    Mag. Alexander Gendlin

    Empathy and competence

    “Through empathy coupled with the competence from current research results, the Leadership Institute supports clients in their daily management work.”

    Mag. Jürgen Griessler
    Owner, MCT Griessler

    Valuable Guidance

    “As a coach, Dr. Girschik provides valuable guidance and perspective regarding a whole spectrum of leadership situations.”

    Mag. Harald Fasching
    Geschäftsführer, LucaNet Austria

    Honest Feedback

    In top management, in particular, honest and clear feedback is rare. The leadership coaching with Dr. Girschik started here. Communication with my team has worked noticeably better since the start of our coaching sessions.

    Dr. Heinrich P.
    Geschäftsführer, Consumer Goods

    Strategic and communicative input

    I benefit from the unadorned feedback and strategic input I receive from Dr. Girschik. This clarifies priorities and goals faster.
    Mag. Alexander F.
    Managing Director
    Metal Industry

    Clear and helpful recommendations

    “The professional organization of the entire coaching process was very helpful to me. My colleagues and I benefited from the clear and specific recommendations that we received.

    Michael C.
    CEO, Industrial Engineering

    Diego Toledo Rutllant
    Diego Toledo Rutllant
    18:09 04 Oct 22
    Absolutely recommended. The coaching sessions helped me focus my work better than my highest expectations.
    Shantall Salazar
    Shantall Salazar
    19:54 21 Jun 22
    Dr. Judith was very professional, she explained me clearly about qualitative method and coding, now I am more confident... with my work.read more
    Noor Al Qassim نور القاسم
    Noor Al Qassim نور القاسم
    12:55 13 May 22
    She's an excellent coach. Very organised. I highly recommend her
    Andreu Llobera
    Andreu Llobera
    15:41 05 May 22
    An excellent, throughout evaluation with all sorts of clarifications during the meeting. Report of high quality. Their... professionalism and empathy is out of the scores. Strongly recommendableread more
    Diana Parasmo
    Diana Parasmo
    15:40 26 Apr 22
    Professional and inspiring coaching. Dr. Judith helped me to further develop my leadership skills by providing inputs... that could be translated in concrete actions and bring effective results. Strongly recommended for managers that would like to evolve not only as leaders but also as better persons.read more
    Maria-Tereza Pavlova
    Maria-Tereza Pavlova
    07:53 15 Mar 22
    The Leadership Institute excellently supports our executive-clients to develop their academic as well as management... careers. We recommend their coaching services to any manager looking to sharpen their executive/ management skills as well as their academic performance.read more
    Kateryna Tretyakova
    Kateryna Tretyakova
    15:20 02 Dec 21
    Thank you very much for your coaching, Dr. Girschik.I could see a distinct difference even after just a few meetings.... The insights I‘ve received are truly priceless.I highly recommend her to everybody who wants to ameliorate their interview skills.read more
    Maria Shestakova
    Maria Shestakova
    15:04 16 Nov 21
    Thank you for safely guiding our clients and giving them the deciding edge in developing their executive and academic... careers. Great, insightful career coaching and mentoring. A clear recommendation.read more
    Helga Rantasa
    Helga Rantasa
    17:51 09 Jun 21
    Working with Judith has been an excellent experience. Thanks to the insights, guidance, and coaching I received, I was... able to see myself in new ways that allowed for growth past preconceived notions of myself. Judith is exceptionally well-versed in business and psychology, practically and academically. She can provide clients with the right tools for them to apply at the right moment. Her experience and professional expertise make her stand out in the most positive of ways.I can absolutely recommend Judith to any company or individual seeking professional coaching.read more
    Marios Lefkaritis
    Marios Lefkaritis
    13:50 08 Jun 21
    What you feed your mind, will lead your life, thats why Ms. Dr. Girschik can help you!! Lifeexperience
    Michael Kohl
    Michael Kohl
    17:04 05 May 21
    To whom it may concern: Greetings! Dr. Girschik is personally known to me for many years as an expert in coaching and... mediation, both for individuals and business people, as well as companies and entities - no matter which specific businesses you run. She has a broad knowledge and practical expierence when it comes to accomplish a mission in an appropriate period of time. No matter whether you as a single person or a group of decision makers in the management is overhelmed by the complexity of challenges you may face, Dr. Girschik will find ways to reach your goals in fine quality and to your full satisfaction. Her calm nature and professional habits will fit exactly to your demands. What is more, she's fully reliably, fair and a honest character with a hands-on mentality. I cordially and fully recommend this extraordinary lady to anyone who is in need of professional support by a coach and mediator. With best regards, Michael Kohl, MBA (Controller, Vienna Health System)read more
    Ivana Kr
    Ivana Kr
    07:31 09 Apr 21
    Dr. Girschik is very professional and gives extremely helpful advice. I highly recommend her to everybody who struggles... with their thesis of any kind. Dr. Girschik is very responsive and the best choice to make.read more
    Dinu Dinu
    Dinu Dinu
    19:51 08 Apr 21
    I had a very pleasant collaboration with Dr. Girschik. She answered to my desperate attempt to discover the most... important insights of Austrian job market, and helped me to significantly increase my chances within my relocation to Austria.read more
    Denitsa Vasileva
    Denitsa Vasileva
    09:24 01 Feb 21
    Amazing support and coaching services! The Business Coaching is very well organized and efficient! Communication is... easy and everything runs smooth and correct! Thank you!read more
    Wilson Maluenda
    Wilson Maluenda
    19:05 17 Nov 20
    Judith is a high professional and large experienced coach and manager. I know her form our work together and I can... recommend her working style, the way how she communicates and the approach to get sustainable and measureable results. She is very clear, solution oriented and with a clear focus on the desired goals.If you are new in Austria, with a dedicated leadership role, than I recommend the Leadership Institute. You will receive here a broad range of leadership tools based on the cultural background of Central Europe and especially of Austria. You can address all your doubt and ask for hinders on you way to land successfully on your job.read more
    Regina Komaretho
    Regina Komaretho
    13:06 17 Nov 20
    I came to work with Dr. Girschik based on a trusted friend's recommendation and was impressed by her impeccable... professional reputation.I appreciate her analytical skills and calm, communicative style, always seeking to strengthen and develop her clients' personal and professional development, even in difficult situations. I was delighted with the results of our work together.Dr. Girschik is an excellent choice for executives and entrepreneurs, such as myself alike.read more
    Jana Maresova
    Jana Maresova
    09:32 07 Oct 20
    Prof. Girschik is a gifted professional coach who stands out for her relevant content, helpful tips and she is such an... engaging speaker. Her professional approach and understanding combined with her market expertise makes Prof. Girschik undoubtedly the best choice of consultant for your next career move, in Austria and worldwide. Thank you so much, Prof. Girschik.read more
    Adventgroup AccessMBA
    Adventgroup AccessMBA
    13:29 16 Sep 20
    Prof. Dr. Judith Girschik is professional and competent. We worked together on a media campaign and I can honestly say... it was a pleasure! She provided our organization with quality content and all needed materials for the campaign. I am thankful that I had the chance to have her as my partner. I am looking forward to further cooperation!I am sure that she will help everyone improve their skills and personal behavior. I can highly recommend her services!read more
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